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October 04, 2006

Anniversary Time (warning: mushy stuff)

Six years ago, the first televised debate between presidential hopefuls in that year's elections aired. I was all wrapped up in it because the debate commission (CPD) was barring serious candidates like Harry Browne, Pat Buchanan, and Ralph Nader. I didn't care much about either the donkey or the elephant, but as it's usually one or the other of them that gets elected, I decided to watch.

I was also fresh back in town from a magnificent solo backcountry trip in the Olympic rain forest and mountains that I had topped off with some post-hike R&R in the magical land that is California's Monterey Bay. I had driven in that morning after flying all night, and sometime after a nap or so I decided to call my friend and see if she wanted to come watch the debate with me. We had been talking and just generally hanging around for months, but it had become clear during those two weeks of my trip (to both of us, I later learned) that we were more than casually interested in each other's company.

Given the oh-so-romantic setting of the infamous "lockbox" debate, surely you see how perfectly timed it all was. Neither of us did, anyhow, as it took both of us by surprise when I kissed her in the driveway as she was leaving. Half a dozen years later, we're even greater friends and are constantly amazed at our fortune. I can't unravel every strand of the web we caught ourselves in, but an interest in politics I had only developed less than a year prior surely was a main vein, as otherwise I would neither have had a care about the Bush-Gore debate nor would I have talked about it with my future wife.

So pay attention to this stuff. Learn about candidates and issues and vote. You never know what bountiful side effects might come of it.

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